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Client Testimonials

Diana, I bought your Tiny Treats for use while training/walking my dog. He now screeches to a halt to return to me when I call him as he loves them so much. Onlookers are always impressed. As am I. Thanks for this wonderful product.
Ruth from Alexandra

Tara loves your Natural Dog Treat. Thanks!
Janette & Tara from Timaru

Sid got a neuro virus and became paralyzed on his right side. We reached out to Diana for help. Straight away she was amazing with Sid and knew exactly how to help. He started improving very quickly and now is almost back to normal.I really appreciated Diana’s flexibility and empathy towards Sid. Sid loves her looks forward to her visits and peanut butter treats. Danke Diana
Sid & Mark from Queenstown

Hi Diana,
I’m going to be 100% honest, i was very skeptical about getting physio for my black lab Dude.  Diana was really flexible on times and was happy to come to my home which made things very easy and more comfortable for Dude.  Straight away I could tell Diana loves dogs and her job.  I was amazed by Dudes reaction to her treatment, he had very tight, when trigger point were massaged his whole body would quiver, Diana explained everything she was doing and gave me advice and techniques to continue working on Dude for the future which I still do almost every day now.  Dudes limp is gone and he’s a lot more comfortable with getting a massage now from Diana’s help. I would highly recommend Diana for treatment and would definitely get her back again if i had any problems with Dude.
Danny &m Dude from Queenstown


Hi Diana,

We got some soap from you at your stall in Cromwell some months ago and we are really pleased with how good it is.



Daryl from Invercargill




We were given some of your treats by a friend who lives in Arrowtown, and our four legged friend ( a 7 month old cocker spaniel) loves them. They are a great assistance in puppy training. Many thanks, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Kathryn from Invercargill



Hi Diana,  I recently ordered 3 candy canes and I was so impressed I have ordered another two.
Michelle with Billy, Annie & Kelly from Wellington



My dog loves your Natural Whitening Soap and he smells so nice! My partner found the bar in the bathroom, he thought it smelt really good and didn’t know it was for dogs and used it up, I laughed so much when I saw the empty container and told him he had just used up the dog soap! I now get one for the dog and one for the partner for Christmas!
Rebecca from Christchurch



We heard about Diana through our local vet, VetEnt, as our dog has a muscle injury. Her services were friendly and professional. She was able to quickly diagnose the injury and provided a treatment strategy. We started to notice a difference after the first session and our dog only improved after each treatment. It was helpful that she was able to come to us so our dog was treated in her own environment. Our dog was not treated any more times than was required. I would highly recommend Diana’s services, as our experience with her was only positive.
George & Sasha from Queenstown



Hi Diana, I just wanted to let you know about your cats toy…  So far our cat here has never shown interest in any toy for more than 10 seconds…. But your mouse is different!!  Might it be the catnip or the rustling noise… it’s now 5 weeks and she still loves playing with it – amazing 🙂 … The fun watching her play was definitely well worth spending the extra amount  – and so far it is amazingly resilient!

Thanks for creating a great toy! : )  Ludwig & Barb from Arrowtown

Ludwig, ArrowtownLudwig, ArrowtownLudwig, Arrowtown








We met at the Farmers Market in Cromwell. You were so nice with our Bella. Great product and Bella loves them. Thanks.
Peter & Bella from Dunedin



My Mutt has enjoyed munching the Hare&Sage treats and the Liver Treats will be a birthday treat for his mate down the road next week. The soap smells divine (Bye Bye Flea & Fly), so next muddy day it will be used… I almost can’t wait!!! Thank you again, I really enjoy being able to give my boy a healthy treat that’s made with love
Donna from Wellington

A dog physio ??? .. mmm ..  we were a bit hesitant at first as a ‘dog is a dog’ isn’t it ???.. . but now I wish we hadn’t waited so long !
We changed our minds as soon as we met Diana – she is amazing and we can’t recommend her enough !!
We asked Diana to look at Sarge, our 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla when he became progressively lame last year until he was constantly walking and running on three legs.
Following her advice Sarge was referred to the vet and had some major reconstructive surgery of his hind leg.
We were so impressed with Diana’s knowledge and skills,  she really knows her ‘stuff’ with animals and we are convinced her post surgery treatment played a huge part in Sarge’s 100% recovery!
Diana’s regular treatment sessions with Sarge  and advice to us regarding his rehabilitation means we now have our fit and healthy dog back  ….. and we  saw so many benefits from Diana’s treatment of Sarge (which he absolutely loves) that we continue to get her to come and treat him on a regular basis !!
P.S. Sarge is also totally hooked on Diana’s venison and parsley treats !!
Jane, Russ & Sarge from Arrowtown

I just want to say a big thank you to Diana, for fixing Ruby Tuesday. She is back to her normal happy self after 3 visits! Amazing results! I am happy to recommend Diana’s work to all!
Oanita & Ruby from Queenstown
Thanks for your help Diana, your treats have really improved Ben’s black coat. It’s really shiny now.
Ngaire & Ben from Christchurch
I would highly recommend Diana for her rehabilitation services and also her great treats! I called Diana last year when I had tried every possible avenue to help my kitten Simba. Diana was recommended to me via a friend and although she explained that she normally only dealt with canines, not cats, she said she would be happy to give it a go. So low and behold Diana turns up and spends well over her appointment time with my wee fluff ball and after 2 sessions he was so much better. After a car accident in November he was left with a dislocated leg, torn ligaments and a twisted pelvis. After a couple of visits from Diana his balance came right and he even started meowing again. He is now outside climbing trees and causing mischief all around. I cannot be happier with the results and the follow up I received from Diana. Thanks again for your patience Diana, you even worked through the biting and long nails to get him right! He loves the dog treats too…… Hannah & Simba from Queenstownsimba4   Simba2Simba1


Cath Natural Dog TreatsA huge heartfelt THANK YOU to Diana for all of the amazing goodies and prizes you have provided for the upcoming Dog Summer School!! I am glad to be able to share your wonderful products with many more people and their furry friends. Now Willow has to leave all of the goodie packs alone even though they smell delicious!
Catherine Rivron & Willow, Vet Behavioural Therapy, Oamaru



Thank you Diana for the fabulous work on Ricky, Ollie, and Kate yesterday! Dog Massage TherapySo good to see them getting all the kinks worked out and I appreciate all the professional advice on what “homework” I can do to keep them in top shape! I’m sure they’re already looking forward to their next myotherapy session!
Christina with Ricky, Ollie and Kate from Invercargill





Diana is a very professional and friendly towards myself and my dog. She gained his trust very easily which meant she could get straight down to business with treating him. I was very glad the vets had recommended Diana to me as he was not improving. After a few consistent treatments with Diana my dog was fixed. She knew pretty much straight away why he was limping and now he is not. Great work Diana 🙂  Diana was great to do business with as she came to our house. This made it easier for me as it meant I could get on with my day whilst Diana worked her magic. Without a doubt I would recommend Diana to others as she is a miracle worker!
Charlotte & Rupert from Queenstown


Hi Diana,
cookieThank you so much for coming over and assessing cookie for the stiffness in her right leg. You were so gentle and caring with her even though she was hyper excited to see you and was not easy to massage her with all that excitement. She responded so well to the treatment (thank god it’s not her joints) and was super happy next day . I can’t thank you enough for taking away my baby’s discomfort and pain. You are a legend .So glad I found you! Xoxoxo
Arusha & Cookie from Queenstown

Hi Diana,
I saw your stall at the Culverden fete and bought a packet of the Tiny True Love which my little pom just loved. He has a very sensitive gut and lots of allergies, so it was great to find a natural treat that he could tolerate with no side effects. I love that the products are made from natural ingredients without all the usual additives.
Pamela from Rangiora


Just to let you know the treats I purchased at the show have been a hit for our training sessions. tracy2
Kim also thoroughly enjoyed the treat cupcake.
Thanks so much, look forward to receiving the next batch of treats.
Tracy & Kim from Christchurch

You guys do the best products for our furkids ! Thank you for going to Culverden you guys rock ! Denva, Billie and Izzy love your products their k9 Xmas goody bags will be full this Xmas!
Caro with Denva, Billie and Izzy


Hi Diana,
TinTinThank you so much for all the goodies. TinTin is one happy dog. He is enjoying the parcel he received a few days ago   with the venison liver and parsley and is enthusiastically enjoying his biscuit bone. We have plenty of supplies to keep us going for a while! TinTin is fully occupied and can’t quite believe his good fortune with his new food option!
It isgreat to find a product that is natural, free of preservatives and appealing.
I had lunch with some of my friends from dog training so was able to share information about your products. I will pass on your details and that you will be at the arts and crafts show. One if the women at our lunch has actually bought some of your treats from the market in Cromwell too. She was, well actually her dogs are, very happy with their treats too!
Many thanks again. We will try to get to the market in Dunedin however if not we will hopefully see you at the Cromwell markets some time.
Thanks again for your great service.
Kind regards, TinTin & Ingrid from Dunedin


“Hayes”, I said to my St. Bernard, “What shall I say about Diana?”  His tail started thumping, and his eyes lit up: “Ouaf! Ouaf!” he replied. Hayes“Elle  est super, fantastique …..en plus elle est blonde, belle ……OUAF!” (He always reverts to his mother tongue when he gets excited!)  He is of course a most intelligent and perceptive dog and could have continued at length about the joys and benefits of his weekly massage with Diana!  However, I barked: “Assez!!” and he settled down again.  We have nothing but praise for the results Diana has achieved with a dog with hip dysplasia and a torn cruciate ligament.  He moves more freely and enjoys his treatment to the extent that he throws himself down at her feet.  She is professional and extremely  caring and was not at all pushy with regards to treatment – she suggested monthly treatments but having seen the improvement I wanted him to have them weekly.
Jane & Hayes from Queenstown


Jaz,-Rory-and-Chris-Butler-AlexandraOur aging Cavalier, Jaz, was putting on too much weight.  Apparently we’d been giving him too much supermarket dog food and he was not a well little fellow. For his main meals we switched to dog biscuits from the vet and cooked vegetables. For his treats we switched from fatty supermarket snacks to Diana’s Great Treats for Great Mates – which I just happened to come across at a local outdoor market. Well, he’s a different dog now.  He loves his new treats and lines up for them extremely regularly, sometimes cadging a second. Many thanks to Diana from whom we’ve since purchased a resupply via her website.  That process went very smoothly indeed and we’ll be back for more on a regular basis.”
Rory, Chris & Jaz from Alexandra


Having known and used Diana Scott’s services over the past few years has been amazing, when our standard poodle Sophie was recovering from a major spinal injury Diana came on a regular basis to help realign her posture and without her care and efforts I don’t believe she would have made such a remarkable recovery, there’s no doubt that Diana has a special gift when working with dogs, also being generally a treats free household  I don’t hesitate in indulging Sophie with one of the “great Treats biscuits”, they’re the only biscuits that her sensitive digestion can tolerate . We have another poodle on board now and look forward to the support that Diana can offer us, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending both the treats and rehabilitation services I just wish there was more local retail outlets to pick up the goodies. Finally I believe it is Diana’s extreme hard work and perseverance that will make her a business a success.
Christina, Russell & Sophie, Paddy from Queenstown


Diana worked with our dog Willis to give him therapeutic massage and to assess his wellbeing on a number of occasions. She was very skilled in gaining Willis’ trust and in taking time to really get to know him. We could tell that Willis really enjoyed the massage aspect of the treatment and was always happy and very relaxed after a session with Diana. We had a good feeling about Diana from the start, and her love and affinity for dogs was really obvious. I’d highly recommend Diana’s services, and we also love her hand made pooch treats – well Willis certainly does!!!                                                                                                                                                                                               Lisa & Lisa & Willis from Queenstown


Our dog Ernie was lame in his front leg after being hit by a car. After surgery and medication he was still limping, and this is when we discovered Diana. The love and care that Diana brought to Ernie was awesome, you could tell how much she genuinely was there to make a difference. After a few massage sessions, which Ernie loved, Ernie is now running around with no pain and no limp. Dogs can’t really tell us if they have aches and pains so Diana is a great person to spend time with your dog to get them feeling fantastic.
Sam & Ernie from Queenstown


BeE0AimCUAA68UU[1]To meet Diana in the flesh, after sourcing her products online only reinforces her heartfelt philosophy that she espouses. She seems to have an uncanny knack of after only having dealt with you online, to know you sight unseen when you meet her at a market stall set up. The treats she invents and hand make seem to tug at the inner urges of our dog Mac. If he’s on the go, Hare and Sage seem to be his Terriers game and yet after a big weekends and chilling out the Peanut Butter and Apple seems to calm him.
As busy as Diana, is especially at Markets, she always seems to have time for us and our needs. Dealing with Diana could not be easier. Her website is concise, informative and gives buyers plenty of options on payment and shipment. So much so that Diana has personally messaged to advise she would be attending markets locally and would be happy to bring along to save packaging and freight. I have found that if, through no fault of  Diana, things don’t always go smoothly with freighting the product will always get through – the pet will not suffer. I certainly recommend Diana and her business to all, especially her food treats for our four legged friends and will  seek her out for a one on one with our dog Mac when up in the Wakatipu basin for a holistic go over. Diana is a warm and genuine person. Your pets and you will benefit.
Stephen, Sandra & Mac from Invercargill


Stacey,-AshburtonJust wanted to let you know my doggies loved the peanut butter treats I brought from you at the Remarkables Market on Saturday. Will definitely be getting some more!
Many thanks, Stacey from Ashburton
Just have to say my 3 dogs LOVE your dog treats! Can’t get enough of them and when given these alongside other treats, yours are the ones that get woofed down first! Keep up the good work. On behalf of Syd, Bella and George.
Kathryn & Syd, Bella and George from Queenstown


Kelly-&-Jock,-InvercargillPup-Cakes get the seal of approval from a VERY happy Jock (who likes to be photographed while eating just about as much as I do!) Thanks Diana!!
Kelly & Jock from Invercargill



Linda-&-Buddy,-England,-UKHello Diana! Thank you so much for the scrumptious homemade dog biscuits you sent to England via my brother Andy. Our darling Buddy (a former street dog from a kill center in Romania absolutely loves them. He also had a bath this week-end and I used your beautiful handmade soap. His coat feels like silk and his tail is all bushy. Here’s a picture of Buddy waiting like a good boy for one of your biscuits. Once again a big thank you from us all.
Linda & Buddy from England, UK


Paula & CharlieUniqueness is the variety of services: telepathy service – great to have the opportunity to know what your dog is really thinking! Right through to the massage, cranio & treats.  Wish you would offer one-on-one training! Love the fact that you are compassionate about animals and really care about your business. Your website is informative and concise, great to contact you via text also. Great flexibility to have home visits after working hours. Yes I would recommend you!  In fact I just did, my neighbour Peggy & her dog Dexter who you just visited last week.  I noticed his tail wasn’t in alignment and recommended she call you.
Thanks, Paula & Charlie from Queenstown


My dog responded so well to the massage treatment. He was super happy next day. You are awesome though. Great work. So glad I found you though! Thanks.


Thank you so much for your treats, they really have improved his daily life. Since he has been diagnosed with his food allergies (until meeting you) we found it extremely difficult to find anything other than the Eukanuba Dermatitis FP that agreed with him. Now he can have tasty nutritious treats without having any allergic reactions! Thanks!
Helena & Murphy from Queenstown


Karen, Phillip and CharlieDiana Scott is the owner and therapist of Great Treats for Great Mates. We have a large Labradoodle called Charlie who fractured his hock when jumping a fence in pursuit of a rabbit. Charlie underwent comprehensive surgery to repair the break. Diana’s business was recommended to us by the vet to assist the healing process. We engaged Diana who gave Charlie 6 therapy treatments. Diana is clearly very gifted. She has a calming effect on her patients. After the first session Charlie completely relaxed during her treatments which definitely helped the healing process. I would recommend Diana without hesitation. She is a professional, experienced and therapist.
Kind regards, Philip, Karen & Charlie from Queenstown


Katey & PanI have found Diana – in her capacity as canine therapist, communicator and healer as well as maker of gourmet dog goodies – to be a lady of absolute integrity, passionately dedicated to providing the highest service to support the health and wellbeing of dogs. Diana has an acute understanding of dogs and their behaviour and she uses her knowledge and skills to treat a wide range of physical and emotional issues gently, safely and holistically. Her dog treats and cakes are handmade with love and of the highest quality ingredients – artisanal, nourishing and irresistible. Receiving a dog birthday cake or a holistic canine therapy session from Diana you can expect thoughtful treatment tailored to the needs of you and your dog. I was very touched by the healing and communication that we undertook for my dog Pan. It gave me a great deal of insight into his behaviour and helped me continue be more of a pleasure – delivery of Pan’s birthday liver cake was perfect – well packaged to avoid damage, speedy and generous. Would I recommend her to other? Absolutely!
Katherine & Pan from Wellington


I came by these wonderful dog treats quiet by accident… My dogs are always waiting every morning now for their healthy treats.. I can recommend these tasty bites to all the dog owners in New Zealand. Thank you Diana for showing the unitive to produce these doggie treats.
Maureen, Kayyam Kennels from Te Awanga, Hawke’s Bay
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Saxon loved his 3rd birthday cake very much!
Super happy with the amazing cake and the party hat! Thank you very much!
Sax & Tessa from Invercargill